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VoxCann is an educational initiative for cannabis education. With the current legislation on cannabis legalization for recreational purposes moving forward, many questions remain as to how we will protect vulnerable populations from potential harms associated with cannabis use. Namely, how will we protect our youth? The answer is through proper education. This is our focus at VoxCann. We aim to create a bilingual platform for cannabis education for youth in Quebec that is based on evidence and empowers youth to be engaged and have a voice in their own education.


“If you choose to use, choose to know”

GRIP is a proud partner of VoxCann Project. We are a non-profit organization registered as a charity since 1997. Our mission aims to reduce harm associated with any psychoactive substance use and to prevent its problematic use. GRIP started from the Montreal rave scene and grew to become a reference all over the province of Quebec in nightlife harm reduction services. We provide education and psychosocial services based on objective science-based information and the experiential knowledge of people who uses drugs. GRIP thus aims to empower individuals, especially young people, to make informed, less risky, and responsible decisions. 


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