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Knowledge user collaborations

In order to ensure our education efforts are up to date with the latest research, we collaborate with various research teams as knowledge users. Here are some of the projects we've contributed to!


Allier cannabis et sexualité chez les jeunes: réduire les risques tout en optimisant le plaisir

This research project, led by the TRADIS Research chair of Canada at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), aims to better understand cannabis use in sexualised contexts among youth.

Cannapix 2.0

The Cannapix project led by Qollab explores the ways that queer and trans youth use harm reduction strategies in their cannabis consumption. 

While its first iteration was composed of photos, Cannapix 2.0 will produce cellphilms made by participants to directly showcase their experiences in their own voice.

Cannapix_logo_RGB (3)_edited.png

Queer & trans cannabis use and mental health - DePSA lab

We have collaborated with this research project, led by team member Kira London-Nadeau, to produce a zine as well as a video aimed at bridging the gap between queer and trans youth who use cannabis and mental health providers.

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