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Meet The Team

For youth. By youth.

Cofounder and Director 

Kira London-Nadeau

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Kira holds a Master's degree in psychology from the University of Montreal. Her research focuses on cannabis use, depression and anxiety in adolescence, with particular attention paid to sexual and gender minorities. Kira also works as the chair of the National Board of  Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. As Co-Founder, she brings together her expertise in cannabis science, culture and policy as well as her dedication to ensuring that young people and populations in vulnerable situations have a voice.

Director of Medical Content 

Fernanda Pérez-Gay Juárez, M.D, Ph.D.


Fernanda is a Medical Doctor from Mexico City who got her PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University. She has been actively doing science communication to the general public since 2014. She is working at VoxCann as a scientific content developer and health educator, putting together the health section of the educational workshops that VoxCann offers. In her free time, she dances samba and brazilian dances with the Montreal based school Levanta Poeira.

Director of Development

Coco wang

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Coco is a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Ecological Determinants of Health at McGill University. As the Director of Development in VoxCann, she brings in her extensive experience with team-building and goal-setting. She sets out to grow the VoxCann team as a full functioning unit, while helping the team members to realize their potential within VoxCann. 

Director of Digital Communications

Colleen Song

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Colleen is from Minnesota, USA and is in her third year at McGill. She's studying pharmacology, as well as pursuing a minor in psychology. Colleen is in charge of running social media for VoxCann, in an effort to document our work and promote cannabis education. In her free time, she also works as Vice President of Communications for her sorority, volunteers with the McGill Children's Health Alliance of Montreal, and takes dance classes.

Director of Outreach and Events

Emma hebert

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Emma is pursuing her undergraduate degree at McGill University studying Sociology. She is currently working as Director of Outreach and Events, and is primarily focused on engaging the Montreal community through a series of open forums and targeted discussion groups. Emma is interested in delving deeper into the social dimensions of cannabis use, and hopes to build a more comprehensive understanding of it with the team at VoxCann. In her spare time, Emma enjoys twitter, tennis, and all things history.

Director of Outreach and Events

Laura Bernal

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Laura is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in International Development Studies with a minor Political Sciences at McGill University. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Laura is interested in understanding the socio-cultural and political impacts of the War on Drugs and exploring what the future of global drug policies look like on a national basis. She is working with Community Outreach and Events to coordinate future participatory workshops as well as VoxCann's educational podcast series. In her free-time, Laura enjoys getting involved in social justice projects and dancing to calm her spirits.

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