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ACCESS: A Successful Pilot Project

The ACCESS Adult-Ed Center in Saint Lambert was our first ever set of workshops and roundtables. With three VoxCann facilitators, the team got to meet with many students!

It was a pleasure to complete our first pilot round table with students at ACCESS Adult Education in Saint Lambert. Three of our members spoke with several students for over two hours! This session lays the groundwork for our future sessions with its key takeaways:

  1. There is a clear appetite for youth-led discussions

  2. These conversations are in and of themselves beneficial to young people. It helps to talk.

  3. Youth experiences and perspectives are vastly different from one another, and these conversations allow us to expand our understanding of cannabis.

We look forward to holding many other such roundtables and exploring the subject of cannabis use with young people all over Montreal!

At ACCESS, we were also able to complete our first educator workshop, which was much appreciated by the educational staff at the school. Overall, our first round table and workshop were a resounding success!


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