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VoxCann x CSSDP Group Discussion: Experiences with Cannabis from Youth in Universities

Providing stigma free education from youth, for youth.

One of VoxCann’s key mandates is to provide stigma-free education from youth, for youth. To this end, VoxCann does workshops with educators at the high-school, CEGEP, and university level to teach them how to speak about harm-reduction with students in a positive way.

Through a two-pronged approach, VoxCann holds roundtables with students to assess areas of interest and identify education goals, and then holds workshops with educators and school staff to address the individual needs of their students.

Through these teaching workshops, VoxCann looks to equip educators with the tools to speak to their students about drug use and harm-reduction in a productive and stigma-free manner.

In collaboration with McGill and Concordia Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP), VoxCann brought together a group of university students to discuss where they were at with cannabis. VoxCann and CSSDP facilitated an open-response discussion between students on social and health aspects of cannabis, as well as the current state of cannabis policy.

VoxCann and CSSDP facilitators heard a wide variety of opinions on the current state of social, health, and legal aspects of cannabis consumption throughout the roundtable event. Students were passionate about the topics they discussed, and expressed many common themes throughout the course of the discussion. These themes and further findings were compiled in a full report on the event. The roundtable discussion provided essential insights into the current landscape of experience for university youth, one where many common experiences merit further investigation in order to achieve a full, informed understanding of the challenges faced and resulting potential for education and harm reduction. Special thanks to Rising Youth for funding this project!


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